In 1947, my grand father, Samuel Kannage, founded Acme Saw, originally known as Acme Saw Filing & Supply Co. Ltd. In the late 70's, my father, Michel Kannage took over and started selling machinery as well as blades and sharpening services. He is still running the company with the help of my aunt, Liette Kannage.

When I was in elementary school, the other kids would ask me :'What does your daddy do?' I remember answering 'He sells machines, big machines'. Twenty something years later, you ask me what do we do, my answer to you would be: 'We are an industrial distributor, importing machinery mostly from Europe and we sell & service in North America.' If you persist to ask what kind of machines… 'saw & benders, you know big machines!'

From a simplistic point of view, that is what we do. However, our sale & services staff possess extensive knowledge and expertise of our products and services. We now operate over 100,000 square feet of showrooms, service centres and warehouse facilities in Canada and the United States.

At Acme Saw, we support the entire cutting process through an application approach, getting involved with each application from the onset to provide a system geared to the customer's needs. What differentiates Acme Saw is our focus on customer satisfaction. We don't simply sell you a saw, we sell you Sawtisfaction. We analyse the needs of our customers to find the best match possible. We deliver, we install, we train and we service. When each new installation is set up, our qualified technicians ensure not only that the system is in peak operating condition, but also conduct operator and preventative maintenance training to ensure that the system continues to provide optimum performance.

Acme saw is renowned for it's excellence in product and service. The reason we are able to deliver such good and personalized service is our staff. Working at Acme Saw is being part of a family. Would you be surprise to know that more than half the employees have seen me take my first baby steps! Talk about low turnover. And now, we're training the next generation, including my brother and myself, as well as salesmen and technicians to continue the Acme tradition of Sawtisfaction.

Throughout the years, our range of products has expanded. After mastering the sawing process, we now offer complete solutions for various needs, adding tube benders and plate rollers to our field of expertise. To improve the feeding and unloading of materials, we also design and build our own handling system with driven and non driven conveyors.

Besides keeping an extensive inventory of over 1,000 pre-sized, welded and finished blades for all applications, we at Acme also provide a full range of coolants and cutting oils. We can also quickly prepare custom-sized blades on our own welding machines.

We've been in business for over 50 years because we provide a complete solution to your problem, not just a quick fix. We take care of customers like family. Hey, it's a Family Affair!

By Stephanie Kannage